Sunrace SLM10 Friction Thumb Shifter

Article number: 255420-02
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Everyone loves these inexpensive Shimano-compatible thumb shifters. Highlights: Made of rubber, metal and plastic. Fits any standard 22.2mm bar. The bar clamp bolt is a normal M5 so you can update that to an allen head one if ya want.

These work really well for repairs, updating an old road bike to flat/sweptback bars, getting a mtb set up for touring, etc.

Rear compatibility: Anything Shimano that is not dyna-sys, up to and including all 9 speed. 10 speed may work with a road derailleur but no guarantees. No 11 speed. No Sram derailleurs will work. Older campy and suntour will work fine.

Front compatibility: anything and everything under the sun.

Sunrace says:

• Light action fully shimano compatible friction thumb shifters
• Suitable for double/triple chainring setups
• 100% Shimano cable-pull ratio compatible (2:1)
• For ø22.2mm handlebar diameter
• Includes slick-galvanised cable inner
• Weight: 62 g/65 g (l/r)

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