Spray.Bike Paint - Keirin Clearcoats

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Clearcoat sparkle effects inspired by the bikes used in Keirin racing. Choose from Keirin Flake or Keirin Sunlight for the sparkle you want:

  • Keirin Flake - A clearcoat of traditional Japanese-style metallic flakes to give you an amazing eye-catching sparkle.
  • Keirin Sunlight - A clearcoat of glass dust gives this range a unique effect. Indoors it's subtle, but when direct sunlight hits it - Bam! 
  • Spray distance: at least 30 cm
  • Ιdeal for steel, aluminium and carbon parts
  • Recommended minimum coats: two
  • Requires no post-application heat treatment
  • Contains Spray.Bike Frame Builder's Transparent Finish - Satin/Gloss
  • 400mL can
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