MKS Pedal Gamma/Rivendell Grip Monarch Pedal

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Rivendell calls this the MKS Grip Monarch. MKS calls it the Gamma. it's the same pedal.

Made in Japan.

MKS says this:

Following the success of the LAMBDA commuter pedal, MKS has continued to collaborate with the Rivendell Bicycle Works and has co-developed the GAMMA gravel and mixed surface pedal.

The GAMMA is built around the proven pedal body used on the LAMBDA, paired with a new step block that has been designed in close partnership with Rivendell Bicycle Works.

Retaining a similar profile shape to the LAMBDA- consisting of an elongated double-sided step block that’s narrow enough to handle corners. We have "squared off" the pedal, reduced the stack height (lowered the overall height), and added 32 replaceable anti-slip grip pins to proved an outstanding hold on a remarkably stable pedal.

The GAMMA is available in two colors, shot blasted natural aluminum or shot blasted black paint.


Width is 78mm

Length is 118mm

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