Jandd Anywhere Bottle and Grub Bike Bag

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The Anywhere Water-Bottle and Grub Bag can fit just about anywhere on your bike, trike, canoe or even your pants belt. The bag has 13 different attachment points and comes with three sets of adjustable hook and loop closures, and one 3/4 inch side release strap that can be used around the head tube or the fork crown. It is made with Cordura® and is lined with nylon and insulated with foam on the sides and bottom. The interior nylon comes in a lighter color to allows easier viewing of the contents. The bag has three slots at the top back to allow it to be shifted and aligned better on the stem. The bag also has a closable sleeve to allow it to store food or accessories safely. As a water bottle holder the sleeve can be folded in and the bottle will be secured with a compression bungee. It is symmetrical and can be mounted on the left or right side just by repositioning the straps. Further the Anywhere Bag can be used in tandem with a second unit over the stems giving you a set of mini handle bar panniers. Although designed for stem mounting, it can easily be installed elsewhere. Simply use two top straps, a stem strap, and it can fit forward of the handlebars. Finally we installed a 1.5 inch strap over the three slot rear daisy-chain allowing the bag to be hand carried or mounted on a belt or pack very easily. 


Volume: 88 ci / 1.44 ltr
Dimensions: 7 x 4 Diameter (in)
18 x 10 Dia  (cm)
Weight: 3.2 oz / 91g 


Field Notes: The Hook and Loop  on the bag is generous to allow fitting of oversize frames, cut away excess on smaller frame


All Jandd gear is designed in California and ethically manufactured in Mexico.

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