Dangle Supply WizardStix Titanium Pipe, raw ti finish

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Do you believe in ✨MAGIC ✨?

Us either. But these pipes will make you kinda look like a wizard or a witch or whatever. They are small, light, and made of unbreakable, forever-lasting titanium. Titanium also offers a fantastic cooling effect. Let the long squiggly tube of the WizardStix Titanium Wizard Pipe cool your hit. It's so smooth it is like magic. It looks like a wizard pipe, or church warden pipe or a gandalf pipe, but it is miniature and ready to head out on our next adventure!

This heirloom quality piece might be the last one you ever buy.

This new and updated version features a sleeker bend, and tapered bowl, slightly reducing weight, and utilizes SmoothAss® curves technology.

Weight: 18 grams

Dimensions: Approx 3"x6"

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