Kogu Masamune Bike Stand

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The Toki models offer a major variation from most two bike racks- the bikes on the Toki 2 are hung vertically, not horizontally, and when mounted offset from each other, on either side of the pillar, create a reasonably small footprint, about the width of a bike and a half, and don't require as much length as bikes mounted horizontally. The Toki is simple to use once you set it up, and the set-up is quick and intuitive.

The Toki 1 stand is secured by 2 rubber feet, one for the floor, the other for the ceiling. The Toki 2 stand has a X-shaped base and no ceiling mount.


Overall specs :

Bikes can be mounted via front or rear wheel; front wheel mount is more stable

Works with virtually all size and types of bikes with tire width up to 2.85"

Strong, light aluminum 2-piece telescoping pillar with center clamp mechanism

Two bike mounting hooks included, with lower stability arms as separate pieces

Wheel hooks easily and securely height adjustable, with urethane coating

Hooks can accommodate bikes up to 44lbs max, on rims and tires up to 2.85" wide

Independent height adjustment of each bike hook on pillar allows offset height setup

Stabilizing lower mount arms prevent bike from swinging, don't support any weight

Footprint determined by sizes and styles of bikes you mount, but smallest available

Anodized Grey finish

Made in Japan


Toki 1 specs:

Secure, stable telescopic style floor to ceiling stand for hanging two bikes vertically

Overall range is from minimum 5'7" to maximum extension at 10'2"

Upper mount is spring loaded for essential tension to hold safely in place

Both ends feature rubber covers that eliminate slippage

Always make sure your floor and ceiling surfaces are solid and parallel to each other

Weight: 8.82 lbs (4kg)


Toki 2 specs :

Secure, stable 6'9" tall freestanding rack for hanging two bikes vertically

Strong, light aluminum 2-piece pillar fastens via center insert into a single unit

Steel leg base design offers offset leg position and adjustable feet for optimal use

Feet feature firm rubber bases to protect flooring

Always make sure your floor surface is solid and close to level to star

Base dimension in X shape setup: 29.65" W by 25.19" D

Weight: 13.23 lbs (6kg)


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