Gay's Ok Cycling Brooklyn Cap

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About Gay's Ok, in their own words:

Gay's Okay is a small cycling apparel brand with a big, positive, empowering message: that our cycling community welcomes those of all sexual and gender identities, that we are here to change bad attitudes and celebrate our diversity from the grassroots up, while supporting organisations and events that work hard for equal rights and against discrimination.

We bring you fun designs and eye-catching accessories, while trying to make a difference for the community we are celebrating.

It is with pride that with every item purchased we donate a portion of the profits on your behalf to a range of LGBTQ+ organisations and Cycling events that promote full inclusion. These include; Outright InternationalRainbow Railroad, all major Cycle Messenger championships and many other smaller organisations and races every year.

Products and artwork are designed by a range of international allies, graphic artists and collaborators including Allan ShawColin Waddell, Jody Barton, Pedro Toda and Fabrice Fuego

About this cap:

The Official Brooklyn pride cap, made in collaboration with Headdy Original.

Urban Cycling's most iconic Cap is now available in full pride colors, a very special release, celebrating the diversity of urban cycling.

Be Part of this little piece of urban cycling history, let's keep making cycling a bit more GAY! Price includes a 2 Euro donation to LGBTQ+ organizations.




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