Bassi Hog's Back Frameset

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The Hog's Back is Bassi's true all-road loaded touring frame, and we do mean all the roads. This bike has ridden all over, from Montréal's streets to Vermont's highways to Peru's dirt roads, as loaded-down with baggage as you please.

It's made to keep you comfortable and relaxed while you enjoy your long days in the saddle. Smaller cycles use smaller wheels, so the proportions stay right for your body. Larger cycles use different steel in certain sections, to keep the bike feeling solid and keep you in control, no matter the load on your racks. The geometry is made for even front-rear loads, or slightly front-biased.

This is the off-road touring model, happy as can be on roads but really in its element on gravel, dirt or easy singletrack. Don't go bombing down hills and jumps, but this cycle will take you practically everywhere.

For the curious, if you want to bring your Hog's Back to visit its namesake mountain, it lives in Gaspésie National Park. You can hike up it, but you'd best ask the park rangers before you ride up it, too.

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